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About Me!

My name is Katie Scarlett Swaney and I am from Indianapolis, Indiana. Performing has been a huge part of my life ever since I sang and danced to Cher's "Believe" on the platform in front of my fireplace at two years old. I recently graduated from Indiana University in May of 2020 with my BFA in Musical Theatre, and I am excited to begin my life as a full-fledged professional artist!

Aside from performing, I love spending time with my family and friends, watching professional tennis (Vamos Rafa!), and reading about or watching documentaries on true crime. My favorite color is blue, although most people associate me with red because of my hair and my middle name! 

My goal in life is to make people smile, and always bring a positive energy into the room. I strive to be energetic, dependable, and hardworking in every circumstance!



Connie Shakalis: The Herald Times

"Swaney has that unusual talent of singing well both in head voice and when belting. I believe she will add Broadway to her resume..."

"Swaney... is a triple threat. I knew she could dance and kept hoping the role allowed her to show us. It does, and she does. Is there anything this Indiana University performer doesn’t do well?"

"[Diaz-Granados and Swaney] were made to perform together...The kissing scenes pop and sizzle and are the most romantic moments I’ve seen on a Bloomington stage."